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16 years with Kuvasz & 11 years with Puli


Most welcome to Csigora, the home of Kuvasz and Puli. We are Christina, Dan and three children living in the south of Sweden, in a small village outside Vxj, in the county of Smland. Our dogs are a big part of our family. At the moment we have three Pulis and one Kuvasz living with us. The rest of our breeding stock is on co-ownership living with families we know very well.

1988 we visited Hungary for the first time and fell in love with the Hungarian breeds.  Five years later we got our first Kuvasz.  We had our first litter 1998 and are very proud of our results. Our excellent results are also depending on good co-operation with other breeders and our wonderful puppy buyers!

Kennel Csigora is registerd with the SKK(FCI) and we do our best to breed as close to the standard as possible. Every
combination is carefully planned to preserve the unique qualities of the breed but also care for soundness in body and mind. The ultimate goal is to produce top quality dogs for family life, shows and breeding. We have imported 5 Kuvasz, one Puli and exported 12 Kuvasz and 2 Puli. So far we have 23 selfbred champions plus 15 champions we own and have owned.

Our Kuvasz are of elegant type with white coat and excellent pigment. They have preserved guard instinct and socialisation is thus very important if they should adapt to the demands of modern society.

In history Kuvasz and Puli worked together so when we chose our second breed Puli was an easy choice. They get along very well and complement each other. The goal is to breed for the squared type of puli with preserved elegance.

Our passion of the Hungarian breeds does also include our interest of the history and culture of Hungary. We all enjoy Budapest as well as the beautiful landscape on the countryside.

Even if Christina is the owner of the kennel, breeding would not be possilbe without help from the family, friends and puppy buyers. Expecially Linna are involved in the dayly work. Finally - without all support from Dan the breeding would not be possilbe. THANK YOU ALL!

In front of Donau from our last trip to Hungary

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