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Judge: Harsányi Péter, Hungary 33 entering kuvasz
  • World Winner with CACIB and BOB is Vértesi Selymes Onix! Breeder and the owner is Juhász Jósef, Hungary.
  • Best male with CACIB is Bacskai Betya´r Baro. Breeder is Lorand Julian and the owner is Peto Zoltán (Kennel Fehér Morcos), Hungary.
  • Junior World Winner with CAJC is Borza-parti Orseg Lármás. Breeder is Antal Tancsics and the owner is Jósef Juhás, Hungary.
  • The young bitch Sárréti Sika Ajándék became the Best junior and Junior World Winner. Breeder and owner is István Szabó.
  • Veteran World Winner is the ten year old Cave Kavasz Balsamina Bellatrics. Breeder is Elisabeth Isaksson and  the owner is Mikael Wĺhlund and Patric Detlefsen, Kennel Carlslund, Sweden. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WORLD WINNERS!

Bacskai Betya´r Baro, Vértesi Selymes Onix, Sárréti Sika Ajándék, Cave Kavasz Balsamina Bellatrics

Vértesi Selymes Onix and Red Dogs Czabina
Our Red Dog´s Czabina became best champion and was so close to became World Winner 2009. But this time the beautiful kuvasz Vértesi Selymes Onix got the CACIB and Czabina got the reserv CACIB. With so many nice kuvasz entering we are very  happy with the result. Expecially because Czabina got CAC, CACIB and BOB at the international show in Komerom, Hungary and Tulln, Austria. So Czabina is now an International Champion!

The results below are not complete, only for the dogs on the photos. For complete results:WDS2009:vysledky

Puppy Class:

  • Royal Dogs Klab Grem Very Promising, Best puppy. Sire: Bacskai Betya´r Baro dam: Feher Morcos Greti. Breeder Eremeeva Owner: G Bondar, Russia.


Junior class males:

  • Borza-Parti Orseg Lármas Excellent, CAC Junior World Winner Sire: Mozi Dam: Borzapárti-Orseg Fruszi Breeder: Antal Tancsics, owner: Jósef Juhász

  • Fehér Erö Ajtoni Excellent 2 Sire:Gacsaj-Pesta Ferdi  Dam: Téténszépe Beri Ádel. Breeder: Antal Gábor Kósa Owner: Hevér László

  • Féhér Morcos Tenkes Excellent 3 Sire:Éténszépe Beri Aly Dam: Ballószogi Bátor Betyár Álom. Bredder: Peto Zoltan Owner Hajnal Gyongyi

Intermediate class:

  • Vom Queckilber Wahid Excellent 1, CAC. Sire: Jászépe Galad  Dam: Vom Quecksilber Shadia-Jacint. Breeder: Mariette Hellinger and owner Astrid & Franz Steinsdorfer, Germany


Open class males:

  • Patkai-Pásztor Kanasz Excellent 2, Res CAC Sire: Gascaj-Pesta Rongyos Dam: Patkai- Pásztor Fanni Breeder Owner Attila Szabo, Hungary.
  • Vom Queckilber Varun Excellent 1, CAC res CACIB. Sire: Gacsaj Pesta Ferdi. Dam: Vom Quecksilber Tafahra-Katjus Breeder and Owner Mariette Hellinger, Germany.



Champion class males:

  • Bacskai Betya´r Baro. Bacskai Betya´r Baro. Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB World Winner. Sire: Gacsaj- Pesta Ferdi Dam: Hajnal. Breeder is Lorand Julian and owner is Peto Zoltán, Hungary.






Champion class males:

  • Mozi Excellent 2 Res CAC Sire: Gacsaj-Pesta Ferdi Dam: Hajnal Breeder: Jozef Setalo, Owner Lehel Faragó, Hungary
  • Kiserdo Szepe Igor Excellent 3 Sire: Jaszepe Denelli Dam: Kiserdo Szepe Gesa. Breeder Andras Miklos Owner: Astrid & Franz Steindorpher, Germany




Intermediate class

  • Eszbonto Djuma Excellent 4 Sire: Filonillan Dragam Deri Dam: Eyscha-Bizsu Vom Drachefels Breeder & Owner René Jung, France.


Intermediate class

  • Vom Quecksilber Waahimah  Excellent 2 Res. CAC Sire: Jaszszepe Galad Dam: Vom Quecksilber Shadia-Jacint Breeder & owner: Mariette Hellinger, Geremany.






Intermediate class

  • Városszéli Bitang Bibic Excellent 3 Sire: Bacskai Betya´r Baro Dam: Fehér Morcos odett. Breeder and owner: Andrea Lantos, Hungary.







Open class

  • Csigora Gyémánt Gaia Excellent Sire: Jaszszepe Cakkos Dam: Nala Vom Zollernblick. Breeder: Christina Klosterberg, owner: Mikael Wĺhlund, kennel Carlslund, Sweden







Open class

  • Pataki-Pásztor Kócos Excellent 2 Res CAC Sire: Gascaj-Pesta Rongyos Dam: Patkai- Pásztor Fanni Breeder & owner Attila Szabó, Hungary

  • Royal Dogs Klab Florance  excellent 1 CAC Sire: Nuker Dam: Fehér Morcos Greti, Russia


Champion class

Red Dog´s Czabina excellent 1 CAC, res-CACIB Sire: Csigora Csinos Czaszar Dam: Nala vom Zollernblick. Breeder: Ann-Charlotte Karlsson, Sweden



Veteran Class

Cave Kavasz Balsamina Bellatrics Excellent 1 Veteran World Winner. Sire: Cave Kavasz Auster Angelo Dam: Berghills Valkyria Breeder: Elisabeth Isaksson, Owner Patrik Detlefsen & Mikael Wĺhlund, Kennel Carlslund, Sweden