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We have been to Germany to sire our bitch Nuch NV-04 Such SV-05 Nala vom Zollernblick with the Hungarian champion male Jaszszepe Cakkos. He is orginally from the hungarian kennel Jászszépe but is now living in Germany together with Gabi and Wolfgang at Wigdalir.

Cakkos waiting for Nala!

We are very happy we had the opportunity to sire Nala with this very handsome male, he has excellent structure, very strong legs, great tail set and wonderful drive in his movement. This guy has everything we want and some more!

Cakkos has the best temperament

Gabi liked Nala and Nala liked Gabis food!

Wolfgang with Cakkos

Gabi and her bitch Asa

Cakkos - the king of Tiessau

Nala relaxing at the campsite.

Above the sculpture "Zeitreise" in Wittenberge, a town just by the river Elbe and
more or less on the former border between East- and West Germany.

One of the camp sites we stayed at was beautifully placed just by the river Elbe.

No longer the pride of its owner. Sad "Trabbi" in Dömitz.

Fantastic "Fach-werk" houses in Salzwedel.

All good has an end. Fishsoup and a pils in Heiligenhafen before the return to Sweden.

We had such a nice stay in Germany and I am happy I got the chance to meet Gabi and Wolfgang. Thank you!